This site documents work, techniques and events related to the ongoing development of the Large Hadron electron Collider, the possibly cleanest high resolution microscope of the world, a device which would be dedicated to Higgs physics, searches for new phenomena and high precision electroweak and QCD physics, such as the high density states of matter at low relative parton momenta x.

The website aims at documenting the past and the current developments on the design of the highest energy ERL and its test facility. It also presents ep and eA physics prospects and the design of a new detector. This website  is thus dedicated to the future of deep-inelastic scattering as an integral part of high-energy physics, including the prospect of hadron-electron scattering with the FCC.

These developments are guided by an International Advisory Committee following a corresponding mandate from CERN, the IAC.








Deep inelastic scattering at the energy frontier​

by Max Klein

Annalen der Physik, September 2015

Ann. Phys. (Berlin), 1–7 (2015) / DOI 10.1002/andp.201500252


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