LHeC International Advisory Committee

Mandate of the International Advisory Committee (2014-2017)

Advice to the LHeC Coordination Group and the CERN directorate by following the development of options of an ep/eA collider at the LHC and at FCC, especially with:

1. Provision of scientific and technical direction for the physics potential of the ep/eA collider both at LHC and at FCC, as a function of the machine parameters and of a realistic detector design, as well as for the design and possible approval of an ERL test facility at CERN.

2. Assistance in building the international case for the accelerator and detector developments as well as guidanceto the resource, infrastructure and science policy aspects of the ep/eA collider.

Name Contact Institute

Altarelli, Guido

Guido.Altarelli@cern.ch CERN, Switzerland

Bertolucci, Sergio

sergio.bertolucci@cern.ch CERN, Switzerland

Bianchi, Nicola

bianchi@lnf.infn.it INFN, Frascati

Bordry, Frederick

Frederick.Bordry@cern.ch CERN, Switzerland

Brodsky, Stanley

sjbth@slac.stanford.edu SLAC, California

Brüning, Oliver

oliver.bruning@cern.ch CERN, Switzerland

Hesheng, Chen

chenhs@ihep.ac.cn IHEP, China

Hutton, Andrew

hutton@jlab.org Jlab, Virginia

Kim, Young-Kee

ykkim@hep.uchicago.edu University of Chicago, Illinois

Klein, Max

max.klein@desy.de University of Liverpool, UK

Kurokawa, Shin-ichi

shin-ichi.kurokawa@kek.jp KEK, Japan

Matveev, Victor Anatol'evich

matveev@inr.ac.ru JINR, Russia

Nisati, Aleandro

nisati@cern.ch CERN, Switzerland

Rivkin, Leonid

leonid.rivkin@epfl.ch EPFL, Switzerland

Schopper, Herwig [CHAIR]

Herwig.Schopper@cern.ch CERN, Switzerland

Schukraft, Jurgen

jurgen.schukraft@cern.ch CERN, Switzerland

Stocchi, Achille

stocchi@lal.in2p3.fr LAL-IN2P3, France

Womersley, John

john.womersley@stfc.ac.uk STFC, UK

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