The LHeC is designed to have a factor of 10-20 higher cms energy (s=4EeEp) and a factor of nearly 1000 higher luminosity (L near to 1 ab-1) than HERA.  Therefore, the LHeC extends the kinematic range accessed with HERA from a maximum momentum transfer squared, Q2, of about 0.03 TeV2 to above 1 and from a maximum Bjorken x of about 0.6 to 0.9. Furthermore, the low x range extends down to 10-6. Main topics of the resulting physics program and their characteristic Q2-x values are illustrated in the plot below with highlights such as precision investigation of the Higgs boson or the clarification of the (non)existence of gluon saturation at low x. A brief attempt to classify the LHeC physics has been made following the publication of the conceptual design report of the LHeC, see arXiv:1211.4831.



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